Adults, teens and children all over the world love minions. Yes, they are so cute, cheerful, and the way they talk and giggle!

adult minion costume womenMINION COSTUMES FOR WOMEN


Size: SX, S, M

Complete with knee socks, headband, gloves, goggles and uniform dress



adult-minion-costume-menMINION COSTUMES FOR MEN

Color: Yellow, Blue

Size: X-Small upto 2X

Complete with gloves, headpiece, goggles and jumpsuit



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Color: White, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Gray

Set of 2 tee shirts

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Officially licensed costume from the Despicable Me movies

Complete with headpiece, jumpsuit, gloves and goggles

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Fit for jacket size 44-46

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Standard Toes

3 Pair Pack




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Fits childern or adults

2 Piece Goggles

Why Adults Love Minions?

It seems that nothing can stop the popularity of Gru’s minions from the movie franchise Despicable Me. You can see these small yellow and blue characters everywhere, from t-shirts to toys, pens and notebooks to mugs and goggles and all kinds of merchandize.

But what’s surprising about the minions is that it not only the kids that are going crazy over them, adults absolutely love them as well. Below are some theories on why adults love minions.

People want to have minions

One of the possible reasons why adults love minions is because most of them wish they have minions of their own. A minion is defined as a follower or an underling of a powerful leader.

Many of us secretly or not sop secretly wish that we have minions, servants who will willingly do whatever we ask them to do. This is because many of us have an egomaniacal side, an aspect of our personality that wants to rule the world.

Of course, we can always hire assistants and even servants. But minions are different. They may bumble and fail most of the time but they sure are fun to watch.

Can you imagine how much more exciting your days will be if you have actual minions by your side?

Minions costume 2015

Minions are carefree

Minions may be servants of Gru but they are absolutely carefree. In fact, you can even go as far as to say that they are free from responsibilities. They may run and scramble when they hear Gru shout out his commands but you don’t see them stressing out on their jobs.

In fact, we see them partying and having fun all the time. Maybe another reason why minions are popular among adults is because many of us actually want to be like them.

Many adults are busy and stressed out with their jobs. How they wish they can act mindlessly and carelessly like the minions more often?

Minions are always doing crazy stuff

All of us aspire to go crazy every once in a while. But many things are preventing us from doing so. Of course, we are afraid to appear like total fools to other people. Then there are social expectations that we have to meet.

In our society, adults are expected to act in a certain way. If we don’t, we end up being ridiculed or worse being discriminated and even expelled from society. Minions are not afraid to do crazy stuff. This is because they are not afraid of what other people will say about them.

Adults love minions because they aspire to have the same carefree attitude. Deep inside every adult is a little minion that wants to do crazy stuff all the time.

Minions costumes adult 2015


Let’s have a look again at those chuckling minions from the 2015 official film trailer!


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